China-ROK Industrial 4.0 Leadership Enterprise Fair and Exhibition successfully held in 2018

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On December 6, the 2008 Sino-Korean Industry 4.0 Leadership Enterprise Fair and Exhibition was solemnly opened in Shenzhen under the auspices of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Information and Communication of the Government of the Republic of Korea (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry of Science and Technology of Korea) and the Korea Trade Museum of Shenzhen (KOTRA). On the same day, business representatives, industry experts and scholars from China and Korea gathered together to discuss the development opportunities brought about by Industry 4.0. The new mode of cooperation between China and South Korea has witnessed warm on-site exchanges and a grand occasion.

China-ROK Industrial 4.0 Leadership Enterprise Fair and Exhibition successfully held in 2018


The theme of this conference is “The Fourth Industrial Revolution, the New Era of Sino-Korean Cooperation”. It covers AI artificial intelligence, IOT Internet of Things, intelligent factory manufacturing/intelligent robots, AR, VR, information and communication technology, semiconductor solutions, big data and other topics. At the same time, there are many links such as ICT Forum, Fair and Exhibition between China and Korea, which provide an effective platform for Chinese enterprises and Korean local enterprises to communicate in depth. Among them, the “2008 China-Korea Industrial 4.0 Leadership and Enterprise Summit” has attracted much attention.


Trends of China’s Fourth Industrial Revolution and Korea-China Cooperation Program


During the discussion session of “China’s Fourth Industrial Revolution Trend and Korea-China Cooperation Program” at this summit, Dr. Zhang Xiaofei, Chairman of HIGH Industry Research Institute, and KIM DONG SOO, President of Beijing Branch of Korea Industrial Research Institute, spoke on behalf of China and South Korea respectively. In their speeches, they reached a consensus and said: “The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a revolution that combines thinking, i.e. intellectualized reform.” Life and Information Revolution.


At the meeting, Dr. Zhang Xiaofei said about the improvement of productivity and efficiency brought about by robots in the future: “China’s manufacturing automation level is in a polarized situation. There are enterprises with very high automation level and enterprises with very low automation level, but most of them are still between industrial 2.0 and industrial 3.0.”

China-ROK Industrial 4.0 Leadership Enterprise Fair and Exhibition successfully held in 2018


KIM DONG SOO, the representative of the ROK side, focused on the changes in production mode brought about by supercomputer cloud service. He said: “China’s achievements in the field of supercomputer are in the forefront of the world, far higher than the level of Korea, which will be a key for Korean enterprises to seek cooperation.” At the same time, the current President of Korea’s ruling policy is people-oriented, employment as the core, through the growth of income to promote industrial development and social harmony.

Discussion on the Specific Model and Field of Sino-Korean Cooperation


With the increasing enthusiasm on the spot, the second part of the conference will further explore the specific modes and areas of Sino-Korean cooperation, which will push the conference to a climax. At the same time, Jiang Tao, Vice General Manager, SK Telecom PARK JAE HONG, Korea, and Liu Fei, founder of the Industry Help, delivered important speeches on China’s IOT industry, Korea’s 5G Intelligent Factory and China’s Robot Enterprises respectively.

China-ROK Industrial 4.0 Leadership Enterprise Fair and Exhibition successfully held in 2018


More importantly, at this conference, 28 outstanding ICT enterprise representatives from South Korea, such as BlueSignal, Blue Print Lab and Visual Net, attended the conference and shared the latest product line development and technological achievements of the enterprise. At the same time, in the face of the current trend of industrial 4.0, representatives of various enterprises have expressed their views and opinions, and the discussion at the conference has reached a climax one after another.

China-ROK Industrial 4.0 Leadership Enterprise Fair and Exhibition successfully held in 2018


Written in the end


With the continuous upgrading of manufacturing industry, industrial 4.0 has become a new direction of manufacturing upgrading and transformation. As adjacent neighbours, China and South Korea have become good partners in development. The 2008 Sino-Korean Industrial 4.0 Leadership Enterprise Fair has been successfully concluded. As an exchange conference based on industrial 4.0 background, it has become an effective platform for in-depth exchanges between Chinese enterprises and Korean local enterprises. At the same time, through on-site communication and exchanges, the two countries can learn from each other in terms of technology, so that Chinese and Korean enterprises can seize the development opportunities in the trend of industrial 4.0 first!

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