Davos World Economic Forum opens in 2019, elites from all walks of life around the world are engaged in industrial 4.0 projects.

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On January 22, the 2019 annual meeting of the World Economic Forum opened smoothly in Davos, Switzerland. The forum lasted four days. The participants gathered elites from all walks of life. Wang Qishan, Vice-Chairman of China, Hu Houkun, Vice-Chairman of Huawei Company, and Cook, CEO of Apple. Among the most industrially developed countries, German Chancellor Merkel, Italian Chancellor Konte and Japanese Prime Minister Abe Jin are all leaders of the three generations. Representatives attended the forum, and the leaders of Britain, the United States and Russia were absent from the forum.


The theme of this forum is “Globalization 4.0: Building a Global Structure in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution”. During these four days, nearly 400 discussions will be held among 3,000 representatives and experts from various sectors, including governments, international organizations, business, academia, culture and the media, to exchange views on how to build a new model of sustainable and inclusive society in the multilateral world.


According to the plan, the forum’s topics on industrial 4.0 include automation market, enterprise leadership in the fourth industrial revolution, competitiveness discussion in Russian industrial 4.0, and the strategy of creating employment in the fourth industrial revolution.


It can be seen that as one of the biggest supporting forces of the global economy, industry has attracted worldwide attention. In the era of industry 4.0, China, as a country with the most complete industrial system in the world, has made great progress on the road of industrial transformation and upgrading. According to the relevant reports of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China’s manufacturing innovation system has been gradually improved, and four national manufacturing innovation centers have been built in the new batch. At the same time, according to relevant data, in 2018, 99 projects were included in the pilot demonstration project of Intelligent Manufacturing of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The project covers 53 industries and distributes in 25 provinces.


Among these projects, there are some enterprises that we are familiar with, such as Gree, Evert, Xinsong and China Zhongche. These enterprises are independently developing their own fully automatic flexible production line, industrial Internet, PLC, robot controller, high precision reducer, servo motor, engine EFI system, high-speed EMU bearings, metro vehicle bearings and memory technology.


At the same time, some foreign enterprises are also in China’s layout industry 4.0 project. Siemens, the leading enterprise, has landed future factories in Chengdu and Nanjing in recent years. Schneider, Mitsubishi Electric Machinery, Foxconn and other companies are also beginning to layout intelligent manufacturing in China. In fact, in this industrial treasure land of China, everyone wants a share. However, as a local enterprise, we have a good geographical advantage. We should take advantage of the advantages to overtake the industrial 4.0 bend to gain a pivotal position in the world industry.

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